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Welcome to DiscountGo! Our mission is to be the #1 one-stop shop for all UK customers looking to pay a fair price for their goods…and by fair price we mean using as many discounts and voucher codes possible!

Our First Specialty: Travel

We’re now an all-purpose discount store serving thousands of deals per day. But it wasn’t always this way: we started out as a discount-travel site. We’re happy to be growing and becoming a powerful force in the UK. But we’ll always keep our travel origins close to our heart.


What’s better than a flight to a sunny destination? Knowing you paid less than the person in the seat next to you! We work with some of the U.K.’s most popular airline companies to let you know about seat sales and limited time promotional codes that you can use to save money on your next flight. Here are our most popular flight pages:


Staying overnight at need a room? Or are you looking to stay in a particular hotel on your next vacation? We’ve partnered with popular hotel chains to give you great deals on rooms. Hotel prices are much less volatile that airfares, so as a rule of thumb the earlier you book your hotel stay, the more you’ll save.

Vacation Packages

Take advantage of the convenience of booking your flight and hotel all at once. On top of that, why not save a couple hundred pounds in the process? Companies that offer vacation packages frequently offer discounts and special offers to entice you into booking with them.

Rental Cars

Car rentals are frequently an unwanted extra expense when you’re traveling. But if you shop around for the right deal on our rental car pages, you can get great weekend or daily rate deals on rental cars from Avis, Budget, and more.

How to Use Our Discount Codes:

We are striving to make our coupons as useful and user-friendly as possible. When you visit a merchant page, you’ll see some big green coupon buttons that say either ‘See your Voucher Code’ or ‘Get Discount’.

See your Voucher Code - button

To reveal the voucher codes, all you need to do is click on the green buttons for the offer you want. A new browser tab will open up, and it will take you to the merchant’s website. For example, if you are on our discount code page, and you click on the green coupon button, a new browser tab will open up taking you to’s website.
On top of that, the discount code you want to reveal will automatically be copied to your clipboard! This means that, when you get to the checkout screen, you can simply paste the code into the checkout. You don’t have to try and memorize a code or anything like that!

For the green coupon buttons that say ‘Activate Offer’, these are promotional offers that don’t require a discount code to get. This can mean one of two things:

1. It’s a special link-activated discount that will automatically apply when you click the button. This means that when you visit the site, the lower-price will automatically be on the site, or when you go to checkout your order.
2. It could mean that it’s a limited-time offer that the merchant is having, and the sale will be there whether you click on the ‘Activate Offer’ button or not.
For example, Expedia might have a seat sale on Black Friday only. We’ll advertise that on the Expedia page, because it gives you the lowest price possible. However, there’s no need to enter a voucher code to redeem this offer.

Get Deal - button

There’s So Many Coupons: Which One Do I Choose?

The best coupon can depend on what you’re buying. If you are buying a $100 plane ticket for Flybe, then a code that applies to $100 purchases is better than their other offers that are only valid if you purchase $1000 or more (big vacation packages tend to have the best coupons available for them).

We order the coupons by the most recent. So the newest offers (and most useful!) tend to be at the top of the list. If there are multiple valid offers, look for the ‘best deal!’ tag.